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California, United States
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1997, american history x, amy pond, andrew garfield, avenue q, back to the future, beatles, big wolf on campus, boloco, boston, boston red sox, bwoc, catherine tate, cds, christopher eccleston, comedy, comedy central, community, dancing, darth vader, detroit rock city, doctor who, drumming, edward furlong, edward norton, emma stone, family guy, fight club, film, fisica o quimica, floor directing, friends, gary gulman, gibson, guitars, guster, harold and maude, jeff buckley, john barrowman, john heffron, journalism, lighting, luke skywalker, m.i.a., matt smith, merlin, mia kirshner, michael j fox, mika, misfits, mitch hedberg, modern family, muse, music, never mind the buzzcocks, newbury comics, noel fielding, origin of symmetry, peanuts, piano, pink floyd, producing, production, queen, radiohead, records, red sox, reduced shakespeare company, screenwriting, shading, shakedown, sherlock, skins, snl, south park, star trek, star trek: tng, star trek: tos, star wars, supernatural, tardis, teen wolf, television, the beatles, the bug jar, the city drive, the daily show, the oc, the social network, the wall, theatre, tng, torchwood, tos, tv, veronica mars, vidding, writing, x-men, x-men evolution, x-men: evolution, x-men: first class, yamaha
-Hi! I'm Eli. I am 24 years old and I enjoy video editing, science fiction, TV production, cats, and Netflix.
-I never update my interests so they are severely outdated. It's pretty easy to figure out what I'm currently into by reading what I post, though.
-I have no friending policy. Friend away! If you want me to add you back though and I might not know who you are, you should probably tell me. I very rarely post public entries.
-If you don't care about the personal stuff and just want the vids, you will have better luck at jumpercut.
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